15 March 2008

Solaris FGPlus 200 126-24

We are currently out of 126 film. Ferrania has announced this product will no longer be manufactured. However, their last production run was unscheduled, so hopefully the company will make more if we let them know it's still popular. Please email them at usinfo@ferraniait.com or uksales@ferraniait.com to show your interest.


Yes, this is hard-to-find 126 film … and it’s fresh. Made by Ferrania, Solaris is the only 126 film still available in the world. The company announced it would no longer make this film after April 2007, but made another batch just before Christmas 2007. Our film comes from the latest production run.


  • Fresh until March 2010
  • ISO 200
  • 24 exposures
  • Boxed and sealed in airtight, moisture-proof foil
  • Great exposure latitude for high quality colour prints

AU$11.60 per roll

Postage and Handling
As a general guide, postage and handling for up to three rolls of this film is about AU$6.20 within Australia and AU$11.20 internationally. For more information, see Postage and Handling or email kfisher@smartchat.net.au.