12 April 2008

Konica Waiwai 17mm Super Wide Camera

This fun, super wide angle camera is a cult classic, highly sought by toy camera and lomo fans.

Lightweight and compact, the Konica Waiwai is a fully automatic point-and-shoot camera, which comes pre-loaded with ISO 800 colour film.

Although designed to be disposable, these plastic gems can actually be reused over and over again — it’s easy to reload them with film in a darkroom or film-changing bag. Instructions for how to do this are readily available on the Internet.

Unfortunately, Konica has stopped making the Waiwai and there is nothing similar on the market … there aren’t many around, so grab one while you can.

  • Super wide 17mm lens
  • Fixed f/8 aperture
  • Single 1/100 shutter speed
  • Focuses from 0.4m to infinity
  • Pre-loaded with ISO 800, 27 exposure colour film
  • Built-in flash

Other Features

  • A mirror mounted on the front works as a view-finder for taking self-portraits or group shots with friends
  • Vignettes shots, which is increased when using the flash
  • Comes sealed in airtight, moisture-proof foil

AU$24.99 each

Postage and Handling
As a general guide, postage and handling for a single camera is about AU$6.20 within Australia and AU$11.20 internationally. For more information, see Postage and Handling or email kfisher@smartchat.net.au.

As they are no longer made, the film supplied these cameras may be out-of-date. However, carefully storage and the long-lasting properties of modern film means quality prints should still result.