24 October 2007

Sakura 200 110-24

We are currently out of 110 film. Ferrania has announced this product will no longer be manufactured. However, their last production run was unscheduled, so hopefully the company will make more if we let them know it's still popular. Please email them at usinfo@ferraniait.com or uksales@ferraniait.com to show your interest.


This film is fresh!

Sakura is manufactured by Ferrania, one of the few companies still manufacturing 110 film. While this film is branded as Sakura, it is Ferrania's standard Solaris film in packaging most likely customised for a particular market (by the name, we're guessing an Asian market).

  • Expired April 2009 (has been refridgerated, so will last much longer)
  • ISO 200
  • 24 exposures
  • Boxed and sealed in airtight, moisture-proof foil
  • Excellent film, beautiful colours

AU$3.70 per roll

Postage and Handling
As a general guide, postage and handling for up to five rolls of this film is about AU$6.20 within Australia and AU$11.20 internationally. For more information, see Postage and Handling or email kfisher@smartchat.net.au.

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Postage and Handling

We deliver at cost.

This is because we're also consumers and get annoyed at ridiculously inflated postage and handling charges when we buy online! It also helps that the Australian postal service offers fantastic prices for international and domestic postage.

While we obviously can't tell you exactly how much your individual order will cost to post in these pages, you're welcome to email us at kfisher@smartchat.net.au for an exact quote.

However, we can offer the following guide, based on weight.

Within Australia
Up to 250g — AU$6.20
250g-500g — AU$11.20
500g-1kg — AU$16.20

Up to 250g — AU$12.20
250g-500g — AU$24.20
500g-750kg — AU$36.20
750g-1kg — AU$48.20

All international orders are sent by air mail.

23 October 2007

Orders and Payments

How To Order
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